Command Team

Commanding Officer
Capt. Diane Allain
Israel Jean
Deputy Commanding Officer
Capt. Israël Jean

Technical Advisor
MWO Alex Arndt, CD


Training Officer
Lt. Matthew Stewart

Green Star Officer
CV Francis Papineau

Red Star Officer
CV Kyle Burrows
Silver Star Officer
Capt. Sébastien Lépine

Gold Star & Band Officer
Lt. Désirée Desjardins

Master Cadet Officer & Chief Instructor
Lt. William Bland


Israel Jean
Administration Officer
Capt. Israël Jean

Lt. Irwin Cortez

Assistant Admin & Social Media Coordinator
CV Julia Grieve


Supply Officer
Lt. Ryan Fantham

Assistant Supply Officer
CV George Ehrhardt

The Officers (CIC)

  • Part of group called the CIC (Cadet Instructors Cadre) who are adults specially trained in running Cadet Corps and dealing with youth.
  • Commissioned officers in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve.
  • Paid; Part-time service
  • Come from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • They run the Corps subject to local and national Cadet Administration and Training Orders (these are referred to as CATOs).

Civilian Instructors (CI)

  • Provide training and administrative support to Corps.
  • Paid; Part-time

Civilian Volunteers (CV)

  • Provide training and administrative support to Corps.
  • Unpaid

Former Commanding Officers

Major Chris Sloan, CD
Major Sexton
Major Trevor Sexton
Major Tim McKee