3018 Kit Shop

To order, fill out and print this Order Form. The apparel order deadline is November 21st. See notes below.

* Optional Name Embroidery + $6

3018 Crest
Short-TDry Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Long-TDry Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Sport Shirt
Polo Shirt*
Zip-HoodieFull Zip Hooded Sweatshirt*
NZ-HoodieHooded Sweatshirt (No Zipper)*
SoftShellSoft Shell Jacket*
Available in blue or black ONLY
Garment Bag*
Dark Blue Baseball Cap
“3018” embroidered on back
Not currently available

* Optional Name Embroidery + $6

Apparel Size Specifications
Order Form


  1. All orders will have the crest above instead of the one illustrated on the product samples.
  2. The order form is a fillable PDF, so please feel free to enter the info directly on the form before printing it. This will avoid legibility issues, and calculation errors.
  3. Orders must be placed, and paid for, no later than the above due date. Please see a member of the Support Committee to place your order.
  4. If using Microsoft Edge, save the Order Form and complete it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.