Spring Tagging Weekend March 2/3/4, 2018

Response is REQUIRED
Location: 815 Taylor Creek Drive, Ottawa
Shift Selection Due Date: February 21st
Available Shifts:

Friday March 2nd 18:00-21:30
Saturday March 3rd 08:30-12:30
Sunday March 4th 08:30-12:30

Shift Schedule will be emailed: Wednesday, February 23rd

This is an IMPORTANT event! We require that all cadets fill out the signup form to indicate their attendance. If a cadet cannot attend, he/she is still required to fill out the form and explain on the form why he/she needs to be excused.

Dress is Full Dress Uniform.

Cadet drop off and pick up will be at the Corps.


  • ALL Cadets MUST submit a sign-up form, via the website or on paper, by the Shift Selection Due Date. If you need to be excused from the tagging weekend, you need to indicate this on the sign-up form.
  • Please provide contact information, an email address and a phone number where you can be reached. Final shift information will be emailed to you on the Wednesday, February 23rd. If possible, the information will also be posted on the Facebook page.
  • Shift lengths have been reduced down to 2.5 hours at the tagging location. The times/durations listed on the form include prep and transportation time.
  • We request that all Cadets commit for at least 2 shifts. Please indicate on the form at least 3 shifts for which you are available. This will allow us some flexibility in assigning Cadets to shifts.
  • Parent/guardian volunteers are always appreciated. Please contact the Support Committee Chair
    if you can spare at least an hour on Saturday and/or Sunday.


INSTRUCTIONS for cadets and parents about the Tagging Fundraiser weekend.

  1. Dress is full uniform with tie (if you don’t have a uniform, then black pants and a white dress shirt).
  2. Hair neat and tidy.
  3. Clean shaven (if applicable).
  4. Please arrive at the Corps (815 Taylor Creek Drive) ON TIME.
  5. Cadets will be driven to and picked up from tagging locations by either an Officer or Support Committee member. See note below.
  6. DO NOT leave tagging location. Parents are asked to drop off and pick up cadets directly from the Corps.
  7. Eating while on shift is NOT allowed.
  8. Look at people and smile, do NOT approach them to ask for a donation, let them come to you.
  9. Please bring a water bottle.
  10. Bring your parka if the weather is cold. Some locations are not heated.

Note: A reminder that the vehicles from the Officers and Support Committee members will be sporting our Cadet logo.